Wonders Shall Never End! 12-Year Old Girl Who Cries Stones Instead Of Tears


A 12-year-old Yemen girl, Saadiya Saleh has left residents of her home community in fear due to her strange ailment. Saadiya is said to produce small stones under her eyelids instead of liquid tears when she cries, which has left even doctors confused as the girl has not been diagnosed with any specific ailment.


A YouTube film aired by Yemen’s Azal satellite TV channel showed doctors gathered a small box full of stones that dropped out of the girl’s eyes in just a few hours. A local presenter has also said, the girl’s case will be the second strange phenomenon in the region. “The case has triggered panic in the area where this girl lives… Some say the girl could be gripped by a magic spell while others say it might be the devil… Others fear it could be the start of a dangerous epidemic,” the presenter reported.



Doctors holds out small stones


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