occurir menos mi fantasia

As a married woman, I had done so much with my husband but I had some fantasies that having a husband would not allow me fulfill. I also had a friend, a male friend, one I liked but due to my love for my husband, I left him as a friend.

I was over at my friend’s house one day with a few other friends, including alcohol, and suddenly it became a spill your dirty fantasies party.

One of the married ladies in there said she wanted to sex a girl but knowing her husband and how religious he was, she knew she could never share such a fantasy with him.

Another guy said he wanted his woman to put a butt plug into his ass, strap him down and ride him till he exploded. I was actually turned on by that.

It got to my turn, I was shy but I divulged.

“I want to be fucked by two men, none of them should be my husband. None should be gay. I just want two men focused on me. I want to be pleasured by two dick, four hands and two dirty minds. I also want to be spread open so that I can only beg them to stop but they wouldn’t until I came, squirting. I want to be fucked. My husband always makes love.

”Silence filled the room. I looked at my friend, Dele. He seemed to be shocked. I smiled at him.

Two days later my husband went out of town, business trip. He called Dele and told him to watch over me while he was gone. I laughed because I didn’t think my husband and Dele were that close but my husband loved being friends with all my friends.

A week into my husband’s trip, I went to hang out at Dele’s place again. It was all fun and jokes. I drank so much because I knew I didn’t have a husband to go home to. I was also very horny so I drank so I could go straight to bed… even if it was Dele’s bed.

A few hours later, I woke up in Dele’s bed. I had slept off due to my near drunkenness. I felt sorry for the fact that I had kicked him out of his own bed. I opened the door about to walk to the other bedroom in the house when I realized that the TV in the living room was on. He was still up watching TV. Typical.

I went downstairs and saw him on
the couch, wide awake, catching a
re-run on Basic Instinct. Before he caught a glimpse of me, I caught a glimpse of his hard on due to his ever so free pyjama pants. He had no shirt on. His friend, Bobby, was fast asleep on the couch.

“Hey.” I called out to Dele.

“Ah, she is awake… at 2 A.M.” He sits down and taps the space right next to him for me to sit too.

“How did I get upstairs?”

“Thank Bobby when he wakes up. I was in the kitchen when he carried you upstairs.

”I look at the TV and it got to the scene where Michael Douglas and Sharon stone were fucking. I felt hot. I turned my face away.

“Do you want me to change it?” Dele asked, innocently.

“No, seems like you are enjoying it.” When I said that my eyes flickered to his hard on again and then to his face. He saw me look at his hard on. Damn. “Sorry.” I apologized immediately. I felt ashamed.

“It’s fine.” He smiled really wide. “Maybe I should change it so that I don’t jump you.”“Like you can.” I laughed at him.

He wasn’t even attracted to me, at least not like I was to him.

“Heard from the Mr?”“Yeah, spoke to him before I came to yours. I miss him. We have never been apart for this long really. My body isn’t used to it.

” I rubbed my arms as I said it. I was craving my husband’s touch really.“What? Do you guys have sex every day?” he seemed curious.

“No, yes, maybe every other day. Our libidos are quite high.”“Awww, want to cuddle and dream of your husband?”I threw a pillow at him. How dare he make fun of me? I hit him in the eye.“Ow!” he squealed. He put his hand over his eye so I moved closer to him trying to pacify him.

Before I knew what was going on, he started to tickle me. I squirmed as he held me close, his fingers rummaging like spiders all over my torso. I didn’t want to scream because of Bobby who was sleeping on the couch.

By the time he was done, my back was on his chest with his legs spread apart. His arms were around me and I was lounging in between his legs.“Let me cuddle you a bit. I think I need it more that you may think.” When he said that, I just laid in his arms.“okay.” That was all I could manage to say.We were still for a few seconds. The movie was not making it easier on any of us. I could hear his heart beating. This was a bad idea but why wasn’t my body moving away? YOLO kept shouting at me. I’m married damn it. I can’t cheat on my husband of 6 years with my friend. I was getting hot. He was getting hot. I felt his hard on pierce my back. He tried to adjust but it was not working. My breathing started to change.“The tension… maybe I should…” he tried to let go but I held his arms down.“I love my husband. I really love my husband.”“I know.” He put his fingers under my chin, raising my face while he bet his towards me. “I am so sorry to do this… forgive me.” And he kissed me. No tongue just lips.He stopped to look at me and we resumed our cuddling.

I turned to look at his friend who was asleep before I did the most shocking thing. I lifted my dress, took off my underwear, folded my knees up and dropped my legs apart. I could feel him thinking. And then I guess he stopped thinking because he slid his hands down my chest, in between my breast, over my navel and parked it in between my pussy lips where a flood waited for him.

I moaned in anticipation and he kissed my neck. I took off my dress and tossed it to the ground. He moved his free hand to my breast, cupping it. He played with my already, hard and wanting nipples. I moaned louder now.“Shhh! Bobby.” I nodded. I would try but I couldn’t guarantee that.He slowly started rubbing my clit, while I grabbed his arm. I was enjoying it so much. My juices had flowed out so much my pussy lips were all wet. It had dripped down to my asshole. I was wet everywhere. He rubbed my clit faster. I held on to his hand because I could feel me about to explode. I was trying my hardest not to scream. He took his hand from my breast over my mouth. I moaned into his palm as his fingers massaged the orgasm out of my clit. I started shaking all over and screaming into his palm in a higher note. He begged me in whispers not to scream but I really had no time to pay attention to him.

The explosion finally hit me and I bit his hand so hard, he screamed and I came.

“WHAT IS IT?!” Bobby got up and immediately turned on the light. Caught in the act is what it was. I was there pussy out in the open.“Look bobby, it is not…”“What it looks like? It looks like you are cheating on your husband a bit, no?” bobby said with a smile.“Guy, look I was just…”Bobby turned off the lights. Walked towards Dele and I.“Dele you have always been selfish but this is a woman whose fantasy is to have two men and you couldn’t wake me up?”This was not happening. I sat up confused.“If you don’t want me to join, I won’t. But I’m not going to sleep o! I know I will lie down there, pretend I’m asleep and watch.”I had to laugh out loud. This was not happening but I was liking this dream already. I closed my eyes, relaxed, laid back and unclosed my legs.

I felt an additional wet sensation on my clit. I opened my eyes and looked down, I saw bobby licking my clit. I threw my head back on Dele’s chest. There was the sucking my clit pleasure and the pleasure of being in the company of two skilled men.In the moment, I began to move my hips up and down so my clit could move in Bobby’s mouth. I let him treat me like candy. He licked me up and down, sucked me, and made me come alive.He stopped and removed his head from my private area. He got up and started taking off his clothes. Dele also stood up and did the same thing. Both naked in front of me, I didn’t know who to put in my mouth first, so I decided to start with Dele since he gave me pleasure.I got on the floor, kneeling in front of him. As I was about to handle his dick, he knelt down in front of me.“Bend over.” Dele said casually.Then I got it. While I sucked on him, Bobby was going to take me from behind. I bent over and took Dele in my mouth. He grabbed my hair in a ponytail as I swirled my tongue around his dick cap and allowed his dick slide into my throat. He pulled my hair tighter and moaned, thrusting his hips back and forth, pushing his dick into my mouth.Bobby thrust his dick straight into my wetness, surprising me. I held Dele as support. I could feel all that hardness and agility pounding me. Bobby had no mercy, this was not a love making session; it was a fuck.He placed his hands on the sides of my butt cheeks and spread me open even more. He angled himself into me so every thrust hit my pleasure bank. At one point I couldn’t have Dele in my mouth anymore, I may have bit his dick off without getting the chance to fuck it. I had to continue with a hand job.Dele came closer as I lifted my torso. My free hand was at his shoulder for support while I looked into his eyes and he in mine. Bobby was a machine, he kept pounding, pummelling, no mercy granted to this pussy of mine. I was in my scream phase again. My legs were shaking, so bad I didn’t know if my knees could bare to hold me any longer. Dele looked at me and read my mind. He allowed me rest on him while Bobby did his job. Dele made my pleasure greater by rubbing my clit in a fast pace.My orgasm felt different. Too intense, I was afraid to let go. I looked at Dele who saw the pleasure and fear in my eyes. What was this coming at me? Bobby’s pace increased, Dele’s fingers rubbed faster, I screamed higher. I let go of Dele’s dick, took his shoulders and dug my fingers into them. I didn’t close my eyes, I let him feel the intensity, share in my pleasure.

I whispered his name, like a plea and he replied: “let it go babe”And I let it go. All of it. My voice was in a falsetto as my pussy turned into a tap. Bobby was so excited he grabbed my waist still pounding my pussy as I released a pool on Dele’s tiled floors. Dele on the other hand, rubbed my pussy much faster. I begged for them to stop but they refused. I tried to push them off but they were too strong. They sandwiched me, they didn’t stop and in less than a minute another wave came out from my pussy. This time, Bobby took his dick out and allowed Dele’s fingers bring me to a close.I fell back on Bobby. Dele smiled and took his mouth to my pussy, flicking his tongue over my already too sensitive clit. I shook with every flick.“I’ll be right back.” Dele went upstairs.I looked at him surprised.Bobby stood up, his hardness was still there in full force. Dele was back with a bottle in his hand.“What’s that?” I was so curious.“Lube. Come here.” I got up and walked towards him. “Turn around and touch your toes.” I trusted him, so I did it.He spread my ass cheeks apart and I felt a cool substance flow past my asshole. Was he going to…?“Oh… my! Ah!” he slipped his finger into my asshole. I looked at bobby. He was just smiling.“Hold on to your ankles. Don’t let go no matter what.”He slipped in a second finger.“You are not a virgin there are you?” Bobby asked?“No, my husband,,, ah,,, he’s you know.”“Good. Dele…” Bobby nodded at him.Dele took the fingers out and laid on the floor. He called me to come on top of him. I did, I faced Bobby. I sat on his dick slowly as he split my asshole apart. My moan was in between pleasure and pain. I sat on his dick fully and I put my back on his chest. Dele held my legs up and began to move slowly. Every thrust was pain and pleasure. As he continued to thrust pleasure took over the pain. Dele rubbed my clit as he moved into me faster.Bobby seemed to have watched enough. He knelt in between Dele and I, bent over a bit and shoved his dick into my pussy. I was so full I screamed, grabbing Bobby’s neck so I was at an angle to receive both dicks equally. I had never felt this before. Double the penetration. The height of the pleasure was too much to explain, if I was ever asked to. I didn’t know what was happening. I felt every nerve ending was either in my ass or pussy. They both thrust into me, simultaneously. Asshole, pussy, then asshole, then pussy. I started feeling the pressure leaving my head. I was going to cum. I tried to listen to my moans but they were screams. I called out any name that came to mind. I called my husband’s name too. Dele pinched my nipples as I began to cry and beg.“

Please! This is… ah… oh… this is too much! Please! PLEASE! Dele please! Bobby Ah!” no one listened. They didn’t bother if I died of pleasure. They just kept going. They pounded and destroyed.I knew I was going to squirt again. Bobby was grunting now. He was getting there. He was going to cum as well. He moved into me faster, stronger, grabbing my thighs. His thrusts were giving me too much pleasure.“Ah! Bobby, please!” I started crying, maybe they will have mercy on me. The tears fell down to my ears.Five more hard thrusts and he backed out of me, landing on his back, taking off his Durex and cuming all over himself.I let myself fall on Dele as he was still going into my asshole. My legs were still spread apart so he went for my clit again. Rubbed it and I knew in a few seconds I was going to pass out. He rubbed and thrust. I was still crying, begging even.Dele wasn’t even slowing down because he knew he had to let it rip. It was like his dick had a mind of its own. My orgasm had been building up for too long.

Everywhere else but my pussy and asshole was numb. I could only feel pleasure“Dele! Please! PLEASE! No! Yes! YES! Right there! AH! AHHH!”He wrapped his arms around me tight, lifted his hips and pounded me into oblivion which was right over cloud nine.And I came everywhere. I could hear Dele grunting too but the power of my orgasm slowly made everything else disappear. It was another squirt. I could hear them laughing but my whole body was too tired to ask what was funny.

My husband came back the next day, earlier than presumed. I had missed him so much. Immediately I saw him, I felt so guilty. I think he sensed something was wrong.“Babe, you okay? I know you are happy to see me but you seem a bit… withdrawn.” He looked so concerned.“I’m fine really. I just missed you.”“Have fun while I was gone?” yes, I had two cocks in both holes.“Not really.”“Good, because I love it when the fun is only brought on by me. Christmas is coming and I need to get you a second present.” He said kissing me on the lips.“Second present? I didn’t even know there was a first.”He laughed. “But you already got it. You know I have a fantasy too. It’s called voyeurism. I like to watch.”My mouth dropped. He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Come, let’s take a shower and fuck.

We’ll fuck today and make love tomorrow.”He walked into the room… My husband watched two men fuck me and he seems pleased. I felt a wetness in my pussy. I’ll fuck him and then be mad.My matrimonial home was a big mess. And I’m still loving it


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